An Update on Rent Control

The numbers have been released to determine the rent cap in South Pasadena for the next fiscal year, starting in August 2024. For California cities without rent control, the rent cap is calculated based on the county’s inflation rate from the previous year plus 5% (as long as the total does not exceed 10%). This puts us at an 8.9% rent cap, slightly higher than the current fiscal year’s 8.8%.

South Pasadena Tenants Union recently contacted the city’s Community Development Department Housing Division to request an update on their promise to present rent stabilization to the City Council by December 2023. The City issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a consultant to provide a Rent Stabilization Analysis and Design, but only received one submission. They have stated that they will not be able to review the single submission until July, citing their lack of time due to being engrossed in other housing-related matters. They have also informed us that they have had to “pivot” and “reprioritize.”

With 53% of residents in South Pasadena being renters, many of whom are struggling to afford the rising costs of living, we find this response unacceptable. We assert that had they not been playing bait and switch with the Housing Element and General Plan, they would have been able to find the time to fulfill their commitment to renters.

We urge individuals to reach out to their Councilmembers via email and provide public comments at Council meetings either in person or by emailing We have also created a petition on to garner more support. Please sign and share!

Evelyn Zneimer, Mayor & District 1:

Jack Donovan, District 2:

Jon Priumuth, District 3:

Michael Cacciotti, District 4:

Janet Braun, District 5: 

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